Cancer IO Strategic Foresight exercise: Instructions for Cancer IO Partners

Welcome to collect weak signals!

As a part of the Cancer IO Theme 1 Strategic Foresight exercise, we are currently collecting weak signals and trends of future healthcare and immuno-oncology. We are using the Padlet platform and have launched a survey to collect your insights. We need input from all Cancer IO partners – diversity of weak signals and trends helps us to formulate the future scenarios.

Collecting weak signals on Padlet

Please go to Padlet:, choose a category (+) and just start typing!

You can use the Padlet either anonymously or you can sign in with your Google, Apple or Outlook account. We prefer signing in, so that we can credit you for the great weak signals that you have found.

You can also add text, pictures, hyperlinks etc. by clicking the three dots (…) in the text box. Please note that there are more categories on the right, just scroll and find out! You can delete or edit your own ideas, but please note that you can only do that if you use Padlet with the same account.

Why to collect weak signals?

The Strategic Foresight exercise will provide valuable information and insight into IO future scenarios for all Cancer IO partners, and we will disseminate the work via published report in 2021.

What next?

The Padlet is open until the end of February, and we will discuss the weak signals in our online IO Future Workshop in 24 March 2021, please see below. You are welcome to join the workshop, detailed programme and link will be updated here soon!

What are weak signals and trends?

WEAK SIGNAL: new, weird, odd sounding innovations that are usually downplayed as being stupid or irrelevant. However, these weak signals can indicate forthcoming trends, even megatrends. Examples of the weak signals from the past are first cars or mobile/shoe phones. They were something that people laughed at and never believed in their future. Examples of existing weak signals today are a NFC chip implanted under the skin and used as a key to a house, or Nordea’s new payment tools like NCF rings. A single weak signal does not tell anything about the future but combining weak signals together you can find emerging trends.

TREND: a smaller (limited to certain geographical area or industry) path to the future. It is possible to find trends in various areas of life. Examples in consumer trends are the increase of hedonism, consumers driven by fear, ethical and ecological consumers. Examples of trends in health care are self measuring and DIY health, increase of use of robotics, personalized medicines and treatment, increase of fake alternative treatments. 

MEGATREND: a long lasting global trend that has a history of many years and that will continue to grow in the future, or it is slowly shifting its direction in the future. Examples are: population increase, climate change, urbanization, digitalization.

SCENARIOS: various paths to the future. There are always at least two scenarios. The aim of the scenarios is to help us to think about various possibilities in the future and be prepared for them.

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