Cancer IO Sebinar “Next-gen immunotherapies: Innate immunity”

Cancer IO Sebinar series  17th of June 2021, 10:00 - 11:45 (AM EEST, Helsinki time), Zoom event. Please find the recording on our Youtube channel.  

Session IINext-gen immunotherapies: Innate Immunity 

This inter­active bi-monthly sebinar (seminar + webinar) series aims to bring you the newest devel­op­ments in the field of immuno-oncology presented by leading sci­entists. Every sebinar will have an important inter­active element in the form of a panel dis­cussion, where the invited speaker dis­cusses a timely topic with local sci­entists and clini­cians. Sebinar attendants are wel­comed to par­ti­cipate in the dis­cussion using the Q&A feature.

This time we will hear about the latest devel­opments in the “next-gen” immun­o­ther­apies (post-immune check­point blockade) in the form of new ther­apies tar­geting the innate immune system. In the panel dis­cussion we address how new immun­o­ther­apies can be taken from pre­clinical findings towards clinical trans­lation. Our invited speaker Eric Vivier is a pro­fessor in Aix-Mar­seille Uni­versity and at the Public Hos­pital of Mar­seille & a sci­entific dir­ector in Innate Pharma (Bio­graphy below).


10:00 - 10:10 Intro­duction: Why are innate immune cells important for anti-tumor responses? 

Maija Hollmén / Uni­versity of Turku & Cancer IO

10:10 - 10:20 novel anti-CLEVER-1 mAb tar­geting immun­osup­pressive macrophages

Juho Jalkanen  / Faron Pharmaceuticals

10:20 - 11:10 Har­nessing innate immunity in cancer therapy and beyond   

Dr. Eric Vivier, Aix-Mar­seille Uni­versity and at the Public Hos­pital of Mar­seille & Sci­entific Dir­ector in Innate Pharma

11:10- 11:20 Q&A

11:20 – 11:45 Panel Dis­cussion: From basic dis­covery to a novel immun­o­therapy drug

Pan­elists: Eric Vivier, Maija Hollmén, Juho Jalkanen, Harriet Gullstén / Business Finland

Session Chair: Jeroen Pouwels, Cancer IO


Bio­graphy for Dr. Eric Vivier:  

Éric Vivier, DVM, PhD, is Pro­fessor of Immun­ology at Aix-Mar­seille Uni­versity and at the Public Hos­pital of Mar­seille (AP-HM). In addition, he was appointed in 2018, Sci­entific Dir­ector of Innate Pharma, a bio­tech­nology company ded­icated to improving cancer treatment with innov­ative thera­peutic anti­bodies that exploit the immune system.

He com­pleted his post-doc­toral training at Harvard Medical School, then joined Aix-Mar­seille Uni­versity as pro­fessor at the Centre d’Im­mun­o­logie de Mar­seille-Luminy (CIML) in 1993 before becoming its dir­ector from 2008 to 2017. He is also one of the founders of Marseille-Immunopôle, an immun­ology cluster created in 2014 linking fun­da­mental and thera­peutic research, innov­ation and indus­trial devel­opment on the Aix-Mar­seille metropole.

Eric Vivier’s work focuses on innate immunity and in par­ticular Natural killer and other innate lymphoid cells, at Ciml, at AP-HM and at Innate-Pharma. Pro­fessor Vivier has pub­lished over 380 sci­entific art­icles and is on the list of the most cited researchers.

A laureate of the European Research Council (ERC advanced grants), a member of the EMBO, the Académie Nationale de Médecine and the Institut Uni­versitaire de France, Prof. Vivier has received several awards including those from the Ligue Nationale contre le Cancer (1996, 2004 and 2013) and the European Fed­er­ation of Immun­o­lo­gical Soci­eties (EFIS, 2004).

Five of the main areas of con­tri­bution of the labor­atory are listed below and illus­trated by key ori­ginal pub­lic­a­tions or reviews: 

(1) Char­ac­ter­iz­ation of the family of ITIM-bearing receptors; mode of action of activ­ating and inhib­itory receptors expressed on NK cells
Vivier et al., Science 2004

(2) Ana­lysis of NK cell devel­opment and function. Anfossi et al., Immunity 2006
Vivier et al., Nature Immun­ology 2008 Vivier et al., Science 2011

(3) Dis­covery and function of Innate Lymphoid Cells . Luci et al., Nature Immun­ology 2009 Vély et al., Nature Immun­ology 2016 Vivier et al., Cell 2018

(4) The Dis­con­tinuity Theory of Immunity. Pradeu & Vivier, Science Immun­ology 2017

(5) Devel­opment of thera­peutic anti­bodies with Innate-Pharma, presently in trials in various cancers. André et al. Cell 2018 Gau­thier et al. Cell 2019 Demaria et al., Nature 2019


L’immunothérapie des cancers – His­toire d’une révolution médicale. Eric Vivier et Marc Daëron. Odile Jacob (Ed), ISBN 978-2-7381-4597-0, © 2019

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