Cancer IO’s public launch at the Helsinki University Think Corner

Cancer IO’s opening event was organised at the Hel­sinki Uni­versity Think Corner on December 8th 2020: Syövän­hoidon radikaali murros – immuuni­hoidot tulevat, mutta milloin ja kenelle

The event presented views of sci­entists, doctors, patients and industry partners and brought together three members of the par­liament, Sari Sarkomaa, Eeva-Johanna Eloranta and Mia Laiho to discuss about many chal­lenges that IO and the changing land­scape of cancer care will pose to us and to our healthcare system.

The event on its part, stim­u­lated a par­lia­mentary question about the uptake of new cancer com­bin­ation ther­apies and about the status of the FICAN coordin­ating unit (KK 944/2020 vp).

Host Sanna Laus­lahti and Members of Par­liament Sari Sarkomaa, Eeva-Johanna Eloranta and Mia Laiho at Cancer IO event on 8 Dec 2020. 
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