Translating Immuno-Oncology into Health Actions




Cancer immunotherapy focused public-private collaborative for better research, innovation, health care and public awareness

Cancer IO is a cancer immun­o­therapy focused top-level col­lab­or­ative research and innov­ation project that starts as a part of the Business Finland’s Per­son­alized Health Program.

Cancer IO is a Uni­versity of Hel­sinki coordinated project that integ­rates immuno-oncology (IO) activ­ities at the Uni­ver­sities of Hel­sinki and Turku, 4 Uni­versity hos­pitals and one central hos­pital, 11 Finnish small or medium enter­prises, 3 cancer patient organ­iz­a­tions and the 10 largest IO-investing phar­ma­ceutical companies. 

News & updates

We are here for you - World Cancer Day 4 Feb 2021 

World Cancer Day every 4 Feb­ruary is the global uniting ini­ti­ative led by the Union for Inter­na­tional Cancer Control (UICC). Aim of the World Cancer Day is to raise worldwide awareness, improve edu­cation and catalyst per­sonal, col­lective and gov­ernment action to reduce cancer deaths and improve access to life-saving cancer treatment – no matter who you are or where you live.

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