Cancer IO Sebinar: Adoptive Cell Therapies

Recording of the Cancer IO Sebinar Session IV: ‘Adoptive Cell Therapies’ on 2nd of December 2021is now online!

This time we heard about the latest devel­op­ments in Adoptive Cell Ther­apies. We had the honor of hosting Boris Engels; Asso­ciate Dir­ector of the Novartis Insti­tutes for Bio­medical Research (Cam­bridge, USA), Dr. Sirpa Leppä (Phys­ician in charge of the ward, Clinical Trial Unit of the Hel­sinki Uni­versity Hos­pital and Pro­fessor at the Uni­versity of Hel­sinki) and Dr. Anil Thorakura, Head of Immuno-Oncology at Orion Oy. 

The recording is available below and on Youtube.


0:01:44 Intro­duction, Dr. Anil Thotakura, Orion Pharmaceuticals

0:12:22 Clinical trials with CAR-T ther­apies, Prof. Sirpa Leppä, Hel­sinki Uni­versity Hospital

0:29:43 Reima­gining new ground in cancer treatment: Present and future of CAR-T. Dr. Boris Engels, Asso­ciate Dir­ector of the Novartis Insti­tutes for Bio­medical Research, Cam­bridge, USA

1:15:13 Panel dis­cussion: Oppor­tun­ities and hurdles with clinical imple­ment­ation of adoptive cell therapy (SPEAKERS + Matti Korhonen, Finnish Red Cross Blood Services).

Host: Cancer IO Dir­ector, FICAN Research Pro­fessor Juha Klef­ström.

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