“Next-gen immunotherapies: Innate immunity” sebinar recording now available!

Welcome to watch the recording of our second Sebinar! This time we hear about the latest developments in the “next-gen” immunotherapies (post-immune checkpoint blockade) in the form of new therapies targeting the innate immune system. In the panel discussion we address how new immunotherapies can be taken from preclinical findings towards clinical translation. Invited speakers and panelists were Dr Eric Vivier, Dr Maija Hollmén, Dr Juho Jalkanen and senior adviser Harriet Gullstén. 


Please find below the recording and the program with timings.


0:00 Welcome to the Sebinar! Jeroen Pouwels, Cancer IO 

3:37 Intro­duction: Why are innate immune cells important for anti-tumor responses? Maija Hollmén, Uni­versity of Turku & Cancer IO

13:55 A novel anti-CLEVER-1 mAb tar­geting immun­osup­pressive mac­ro­phages Juho Jalkanen, Faron Pharmaceuticals

25:45 Har­nessing innate immunity in cancer therapy and beyond. Prof. Eric Vivier, Aix-Mar­seille Uni­versity and at the Public Hos­pital of Mar­seille & Sci­entific Dir­ector in Innate Pharma

1:10:50 Q&A and Panel Dis­cussion: From basic dis­covery to a novel immun­o­therapy drug. Prof. Vivier, Dr. Hollmén, Dr. Jalkanen, Business Finland rep­res­ent­ative, Senior Advisor Harriet Gullstén

Session Chair: Jeroen Pouwels, Cancer IO

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