Cancer IO Sebinar: Single-cell tumor immunity

Welcome to the Cancer IO Sebinar Session III: ‘Single-cell tumor immunity’ on 16th of September 2021, 15:00-16:45 EEST!

This is the third session of the bi-monthly Cancer IO sebinar (webinar + seminar) series. Welcome to join the event in Zoom. The event is open to all inter­ested in this fas­cin­ating topic. More inform­ation below and in LinkedIn

Stu­dents can receive credits for this seminar, where 1 ETSF is given to stu­dents who attend 5 sebinars and hand in a ½ page layman’s abstracts for each of these. Instruc­tions will be provided at the start of each sebinar. Regis­tration is open on WebOodi.

This inter­active bi-monthly sebinar series aims to bring you the newest devel­op­ments in the field of immuno-oncology presented by leading sci­entists. Every sebinar will have an important inter­active element in the form of a panel dis­cussion, where the invited speaker dis­cusses a timely topic with local sci­entists and clini­cians. Sebinar attendants are wel­comed to par­ti­cipate in the dis­cussion using the Q&A feature. 

This time we will hear about the latest devel­op­ments in single-cell sequencing and spatial tran­scrip­tomics in regards of tumor immunity. In the panel dis­cussion, we address if and how these new tech­no­logies can be taken from basic research tools towards clinical dia­gnostics. Our invited speaker Bernd Boden­miller holds a dual pro­fess­orship with the Uni­versity of Zurich (Institute of Molecular Life Sci­ences and Department of Quant­it­ative Biomedicine).


15:00 - 15:10 Intro­duction:  Single-cell res­ol­ution to immune responses

MD PhD, Group Leader Anniina Färkkilä (Uni­versity of Hel­sinki, Finland)

15:10 - 15:20 Spatial solu­tions for single-cell omics 

CEO Päivi Saava­lainen (SCellex)

15:20 - 16:10 Pro­filing tumor immunity at single-cell level   

Prof. Bernd Boden­miller (Uni­versity of Zurich)

16:10 - 16:20 Q&A

16:20 – 16:45 Panel Dis­cussion: Single-cell pathology – Utopia or reality?

Pan­elists: Bernd Boden­miller, Anniina Färkkilä, Päivi Saava­lainen, Eevi Kaasinen (Uni­versity of Helsinki)

Session Chair: Heidi Haikala, Cancer IO 

Bio­graphy for Dr. Bernd Bodenmiller:

Pro­fessor Bernd Boden­miller was appointed Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of Quant­it­ative Bio­medicine in the Department of Biology. He holds a dual pro­fess­orship with the Uni­versity of Zurich. Bernd Boden­miller’s research invest­igates the mech­anisms of cancer eco­systems. His work iden­tified novel tumor and immune cell phen­o­types asso­ciated with clinical fea­tures, sig­naling mech­anisms leading to therapy res­istance, and exper­i­mental and com­pu­ta­tional methods to image tissues in a highly mul­ti­plexed manner in situ. These methods are widely used by researchers and also in clinical studies. Bernd Boden­miller has developed an excellent inter­na­tional network and has received several awards, including an ERC Starting Grant and an ERC Con­sol­idator Grant. In addition, he is the founding dir­ector of the Department of Quant­it­ative Bio­medicine at the Uni­versity of Zurich.

After his graduate studies in bio­chem­istry at ETH Zurich and a PhD in the lab of Ruedi Aebersold (2004 to 2008), he con­tinued his research with two postdoc­toral pos­i­tions in the Aebersold lab and the Nolan lab (Stanford). In 2013, he returned to Zurich where he obtained an SNSF assistant pro­fess­orship at the Institute of Molecular Life Sci­ences (Uni­versity of Zurich). Since 2019, Bernd Boden­miller is the dir­ector of the Department of Quant­it­ative Bio­medicine (UZH).

Selected pub­lic­a­tions:

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