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Finnish translational breast cancer research program is looking for a Scientific coordinator

We are hiring an ambitious and talented Scientific Coordinator

to coor­dinate a large and well-funded breast cancer research program, which aims to translate precli­nical labo­ratory-based breast cancer research to new cli­nically viable treatment moda­lities for breast cancer. The program is seeking new ways to sen­sitize breast cancer to immune check­point inhi­bitors via synt­hetic lethal and immu­no­genic cell death concepts, which are inte­grated with com­pu­ta­tional predictions.

One key inves­ti­ga­tional platform in this approach is a novel method to grow 3D cul­tures of intact frag­ments of patient-derived tissue (Patient-Derived Explant Cultures/​PDECs) for ana­lysis of tumor cell and tumor infilt­rated lymp­hocyte res­ponses (Haikala et al., Nature Comm. 2019; PMID: 30728358, Munne et al., Nature Comm. in press; Al-Akhrass et al., Mol. Oncol. 2021, PMID: 34564954). The program is funded by sig­ni­ficant long-term grants from the US Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program, Business Finland, The Jane and Aatos Erkko Foun­dation, EU Horizon 2020, The Juselius Foun­dation, The Academy of Finland, the Finnish Cancer Orga­niza­tions, and others.

The Finnish Trans­la­tional Breast Cancer Research Program is led by FICAN Pro­fessor Juha Klef­ström, with his team located in the Faculty of Medicine* at the Uni­versity of Hel­sinki. The program closely inte­racts with a number of leading trans­la­tional breast cancer research teams in Finland, the EU and the USA, as well as with cli­nical onco­lo­gists in the HUS Compre­hensive Cancer Center and the Finnish National Cancer Centre (FICAN) network.

The can­didate will join a trans­la­tional research group (https://​klef​stromlab​.com) that is part of the Trans­la­tional Cancer Medicine Research Program of the Medical Faculty’s Research Pro­grams Unit (RPU; link). A list of publica­tions from the host labo­ratory can be found at PubMed, search for Klefstrom+j. High­lights include publica­tions in Nat. Comms (in press and 2019), Cancer Research, J. Med. Chem, Cancer Discovery, PNAS, Oncogene and EMBO J.

Can­didate requirements:

  • PhD degree and several years of Principal Inves­ti­gator, Scien­tific Coor­di­nator or strong Post Doc expe­rience in a relevant field

  • Highly moti­vated and scien­ti­fically know­led­geable with strong interest in trans­la­tional cancer research and working for cancer patients’ benefit

  • Docu­mented expe­rience in trans­la­tional cancer research

  • Strong team player with outs­tanding com­mu­nication and lea­dership skills

  • Expe­rience in grant writing, mana­gement and reporting

  • Expe­rience in super­vising stu­dents and postdocs, working in expert teams and writing manuscripts

  • As the working lan­guage of the research group and associated teams is English, the chosen can­didate must be able to com­mu­nicate fluently in English

The candidate’s tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • As part of the coor­di­nation team, you will coor­dinate inter­disciplinary aca­demic and ent­repre­neurial programs

  • You will supervise both scien­tific and non-scien­tific per­sonnel in Klefström’s research team and through col­la­bo­ra­tions in partner teams

  • You will par­ticipate in writing, managing and reporting research grants

  • You will par­ticipate in managing health related data, ethical and research permits, as well as a variety of cont­racts and agreements

  • You will take res­pon­si­bility of scien­tific com­mu­nication within the pro­grams and carry out general ope­ra­tional duties and imple­men­tation in various related research programs

  • You will par­ticipate in planning of the trans­la­tional research pro­jects, oversee imple­men­tation of the pro­jects and cont­ribute to writing manuscripts

What we offer:

  • A chal­lenging inter­na­tional research-oriented position within a well-funded, ambi­tious and ground-breaking cancer research program

  • Every day is dif­ferent. You will perform a large set of diverse tasks, ensuring your pro­fes­sional development.

  • Tight invol­vement in several multi-disciplinary trans­la­tional research pro­jects with broad national and inter­na­tional (EU and USA) exposure and multi-sta­ke­holder invol­vement (aca­demics, Pharma and other com­panies, onco­lo­gists, patient organizations)

  • Oppor­tunity to develop your lea­dership, com­mu­nica­tions and mana­gement skills through appointment in the stra­tegic mana­gement team

  • Oppor­tunity to travel and develop networks natio­nally and internationally

  • Oppor­tunity to develop your publica­tions list through co-authorship

The initial contract will be for one year, starting at your ear­liest con­ve­nience. Total program funding covers 5-years and contract extension is pos­sible. The salary is in accor­dance with the Uni­versity salary system (for teaching and research personnel).

Applica­tions must include a CV and an application letter clearly desc­ribing how your profile matches the can­didate requi­re­ments and other pre­vious achie­ve­ments in the field. Also include names and contact infor­mation of two or three refe­rences. The application, together with the required attach­ments, must be sub­mitted via email to cancerio-office (at) hel​sinki​.fi.

Deadline for applica­tions is November 12 2021, but the position will be closed once a sui­table can­didate has been identified.

For further inquiries, please contact cancerio-office (at) hel​sinki​.fi.

*The Faculty of Medicine of the Uni­versity of Hel­sinki pro­motes scien­tific research of a high standard and is res­pon­sible for pro­viding research-based under­gra­duate and post­gra­duate education in medicine, den­tistry, psyc­hology and logo­pedics, as well as for the English-lan­guage Master’s Pro­gramme in Trans­la­tional Medicine. In addition to teaching and research acti­vities, the Faculty serves as a sig­ni­ficant expert orga­ni­sation in the healthcare sector and cont­ri­butes to the discourse on ethics in the field. In terms of research, the Faculty aims for a place among the best medical faculties in the world, while con­so­li­dating and strengt­hening its status as a top-level ins­ti­tution of medical education. Together with the Hel­sinki Uni­versity Hos­pital (HUS) and the Hel­sinki Ins­titute of Life Sciences (HiLIFE), the Faculty of Medicine cons­ti­tutes the Aca­demic Medical Center Hel­sinki (AMCH). This medical center has been ranked among the top 10 medical cam­puses in Europe and among the top 50 globally.

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