Cancer IO Academic Research Groups

Cancer IO’s aca­demic research is con­ducted in three labo­ra­tories: Klef­ström Lab and Trans­la­tional Immu­nology Program located at the Uni­versity of Hel­sinki, and Hollmén lab at the Uni­versity of Turku. 

Klefström Lab

Juha Klef­ström, Research Director, FICAN Research Pro­fessor
Trans­la­tional Cancer Biology Research Program
Faculty of Medicine
Uni­versity of Helsinki

Klef­ström lab website

Hollmén lab

Our research exploits a unique sca­venger receptor Clever-1, expressed on a sub­po­pu­lation of immu­no­suppressive mac­rop­hages, to alle­viate tumor related inflam­mation and develop Clever-1 as a com­panion the­ra­peutic, diag­nostic, and prog­nostic bio­marker to treat and identify patients under immu­no­suppression. This involves the use of in vivo tumor models and sop­his­ticated immu­no­lo­gical assays with cutting-edge tech­nology and state-of-the-art imaging com­bined with fresh human cancer patient material to elucidate the function of Clever-1 in cont­rolling mac­rophage mediated local and sys­temic immune res­ponses. Our results poten­tially have a high impact in unders­tanding the mec­hanism of mac­rophage-mediated immu­no­suppression in cancer and pro­moting anti-Clever-1 immu­not­herapy into cli­nical trials where it may have benefits in com­pa­rison with cur­rently avai­lable immune acti­vating drugs.

Maija Hollmén, Adjunct Pro­fessor of Tumor Immunology

Medicity Research Labo­ratory
Ins­titute of Bio­me­dicine
Uni­versity of Turku

Hollmén lab website

Mustjoki Lab

Immu­nology is pre­sently one of the most rapidly deve­loping fields of medical science. Inc­reasing unders­tanding of the regu­lation of immune res­ponses has led to the launch of several new the­ra­peutic agents for cli­nical use especially in cancer. However, not all cancer patients are res­ponding to current immu­no­lo­gical treat­ments and no cure or pre­vention is avai­lable for autoimmune diseases. The ambi­tious goal of Trans­la­tional Immu­nology Research Program (TRIMM) is to explore the deve­lopment and regu­lation of T cells and immune tole­rance and understand the aberrant immune res­ponses in auto- and alloimmune diseases and cancer. 

Satu Mustjoki, Program Director
Hema­tology Research Unit
Uni­versity of Helsinki

Trans­la­tional Immu­nology Program TRIMM website


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